About DELFINMAX® Transformer

Universal Quality, Guaranteed Reliability

Founded in Ankara in 2006, DELFINMAX® operates in electricity, engineering, consultancy, and undertaking fields. Our philosophy, “Quality is a key to each door,” guides our investments and places us as professionals in the production, maintenance, and repair of transformers.

Elevating Trust, Beyond Products



About DELFINMAX® Transformer

DELFINMAX® Production Phases

Modern winding machines ensure the quality of our coils, whether low or high voltage, using copper or aluminum conductors.
Elevating Trust, Beyond Products

DELFINMAX® Production

DELFINMAX® Test and Quality Control

Test: All routine tests as per standards, type tests, and special tests are conducted on every transformer we produce. Compliance with IEC recommendations ensures the highest quality.

Quality Control: Rigorous input and process controls guarantee compliance with standards during production. Our quality control experts ensure adherence to specifications, providing our customers with reliable transformers.

Quality Policy: Our commitment to customer and worker satisfaction is reflected in our quality policy. We deliver commodities and service facilities on time and as agreed upon with our customers.

Development: Experienced personnel and DELFINMAX’s coordination drive the development of transformer technology. Our computer programs assess customer requirements, ensuring technicality, economy, and optimization.